The citation reads as follows: The Carlos N. Hathcock II Award is presented to recognize an individual or organization who, in the opinion of the Small Arms Division Executive Board, has made significant contributions in operational employment and tactics of small arms weapons systems which have impacted on the readiness and capabilities of the United States military or law enforcement. A significant contribution is considered to be a superior performance of duties in an operational environment or the development of tactics and training. 

The Hathcock Award is named in honor of Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II, a career Marine who dedicated his life to the service of this country in both the military and law enforcement communities. He was honest, actful, considerate, courageous, quietly proud and determined in all things and all places from the range to the battlefield. "The Gunny" not only distinguished himself in combat as a scout-sniper but also as a competitive marksman and trainer. In his capacity as a trainer he not only significantly impacted the current United States Marine Corps Scout-Sniper Program but also influenced the sniper programs of the other military services and similar law enforcement programs nationwide.

NDIA Carlos Hathcock II Award Winners

1999 Carlos N. Hathcock II (USMC)

2000 Charles B. Mawhinney (USMC)

2001 Bart Bartholomew (USMC)

2002 Jim Owens (USMC)

2003 Larry Vickers (US Army SOF)

2004 Steven Holland (US Army SF)

2005 Christopher P. Mitternight (US Navy-Crane)

2006 Allen Boothby (USMC)


2008 Buford Boone (FBI)

2009 RJ Thomas (USN)

2010 Jeff Hoffman (Pennington Co. SD. S.O.)

2011 SGM Jason Beighley 

2012 MSGT Craig LaMudge

2013 MSG Jim Smith