Throughout our history, the American people have directly supported their fighting men and women.

During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress could not adequately supply the soldiers of the army and militia; and these troops relied heavily on those at home to supply the things they needed to insure victory.

The long riflemen of the Revolution, mostly militia, were different than Continental regulars. They were independent thinkers and could operate equally within a large unit, in small teams or even alone if necessary.

Their independence, self-reliance and initiative were personality traits necessary for victory and survival. Out of necessity, they brought their own equipment to war.

So it was in 1776 and ... so it is today.

American snipers, their families and friends, often spend thousands of dollars to procure the gear and equipment they need.

This gear is necessary but expensive and it is often different than that required of other soldiers.

Therefore, the gear is either not provided by the sniper's unit at all; or although it is better to suited to the sniper's mission, the fact is not recognized by commanders who have never been to sniper school ... and the sniper's requests often fall on deaf ears.

In some cases, the sniper's units cannot afford this gear in the first place; or the gear has been damaged but cannot afford to be replaced.

On 9/11, our country was attacked. Our nation is at war.

Our President stated "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

We could not have said it better.

We are snipers, marksmen and sharpshooters ourselves.

Our forefathers were not "politically correct" and neither are we.

Like them, we make no apologies.

These special troops and the troops that support their missions (machine gunners and medics) are America's finest.

They are our countrymen.

They are our fathers, our sons, and our brothers. Our mothers, daughters and sisters.

And it is our single-minded goal to help them.

For as long as it takes. No matter what. So help us God.